[Rpm-announce] rpm 4.7.0 release candidate 1

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Thu Apr 9 12:39:12 UTC 2009

Took somewhat longer than originally intended due to various distractions 
but here comes 4.7.0-rc1:

SHA1: 61135a2023631be1e1c3d1ab40bc2238ca998abc

Summary of changes from beta1 to rc1:

- Fix file state storing to rpmdb (nasty regression in beta1, rhbz#492947)
- Fix %_install_langs handling (nasty regression in beta1, rhbz#489235)
- Load macros before creating directories on src.rpm install
   (regression in beta1, rhbz#489104)
- Minor optimization to hot path rpmdsCompare()
- Minor optimizations to transaction preparation
- Add aliases for md5/digests to command line, spec parser and docs
   (rhbz#487597, rhbz#493162)
- Disallow various path characters (eg '/') in name, version and release
- Add ISA-bits for Alpha architecture
- Handle V4 signature trailer for RSA too
- Fix pubkey fingerprint calculation
- Support MD2 digests too
- Update rpmio XZ compression to xz-4.999.8 API
- Parallel support for LZMA and XZ payloads, rpmlib() dependency
   compatibility fixes with existing uses
- Various memleaks (old and new) fixed
- Make rpmVerifySignature() and rpmFreeSignature() private like
   the other signature handling functions
- Fix rpmCleanPath() to handle ./ correctly (rhbz#491388)
- New %getconfdir built-in macro, define %_rpmconfigdir via it (fixes
   building of multiple packages in single run)
- Prefer more specific types over generic text for file classification
- -mcpu is deprecated, use -mtune in rpmrc instead (rhbz#493696)
- Dont try to parse %patch on spec query (rhbz#487855)
- Show query/verify selection options just once in --help
- Catch exceptions from python string conversions in dbMatch()
- Minor linkage cleanups
- Add missing test-suite material to dist-tarball
- Updated Spanish, Serbian, Catalan and Polish translations
- Other documentation updates

Unless further severe regressions are found, we hope to release 4.7.0 
final within a week or two.

On behalf of the rpm-team,

 	- Panu -

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