[Rpm-announce] RPM 4.11.0 alpha released

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Wed Nov 7 12:27:28 UTC 2012

Seems we're having a bit shorter development cycle for a change. Didn't 
really originally plan for it, when the commit stream suddenly dried up 
to a trickle in October, it started seeming like a good idea to cut out 
a release at this point: for the very first time, we're headed for a new 
major release where library soname doesn't need bumping.

There's been no shortage of internal churn: loads of cleanups, 
optimizations and some fairly fundamental changes to how eg the majority 
of strings are stored and accessed, but from the user POV the main 
improvements are:

- Improved performance and memory use
- Improved file conflict detection
- Improved %config file handling
- Easy separation of licenses from other documentation in packaging
- Fully automated patch application with optionally using DVCS of
   choice in specs

As usual, the full details and download information can be found in the 
(draft) release notes at http://rpm.org/wiki/Releases/4.11.0

Expected schedule from here on is beta sometime in December, stable 
4.11.0 version during January 2013.

On behalf of the rpm-team,

     - Panu -

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