[Rpm-announce] RPM 4.15.0 rc1 released!

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Wed Aug 28 10:28:41 UTC 2019

A wee bit late from the original schedule but at least in the same month 
still, here comes the first and hopefully last release candidate for 4.15.0.

The main highlights since beta are:
- Fixed out of order build output
- Fixed memory exhaustion during build on 32bit platforms
- Added %{expr:...} macro for evaluating expressions (into strings)
- Assorted other bug fixes

As usual, details and download info at:


Unless some major drama comes up, I expect this to become the final 
release in a couple of weeks.

On behalf of the rpm-team (most of which is on vacation),

	- Panu -

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