[Rpm-ecosystem] Announcement : New dnf-docker-tests for Jenkins

Jaroslav Mracek jmracek at redhat.com
Wed Nov 25 10:33:46 UTC 2015


I am glad to announce new module incorporated into ci-dnf-stack for our Jenkins. It will be used to test continuous integrity of DNF-pull-requests. 

The module used the Behave framework and is executed with new option -dnf_docker_test for ci-dnf-stack. It runs after successful RPM build in Copr. Each test is run separately in docker container.
The module originated from richdeps-docker (https://github.com/shaded-enmity/richdeps-docker) project and still is compatible with original richdeps tests, which are also used for testing. 

Possible actions:
    for rpm: install, remove
    for dnf: install, remove, upgrade, upgrade (with package name: all), upbrade-to, downgrade, autoremove
    for command-line commands: unlimited

Possible package managers: dnf, rpm

Possible states: installed, removed, absent, upgraded, unupgraded, downgraded, present, upgraded-to

The ci-dnf-stack with incorporated dnf-docker-test module can be found on https://github.com/j-mracek/ci-dnf-stack.git

A wish everyone nice day

                            Jaroslav Mracek

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