[Rpm-ecosystem] License names

Igor Gnatenko i.gnatenko.brain at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 12:22:53 UTC 2016

Hi folks,

I was thinking about License tag in RPM and we are using GPLv2, ASL 2.0 and
others as specified in Fedora wiki page with guidelines.

It is confusing: Why GPLv2 (with 'v' inside) and ASL 2.0 (without 'v'

Why we are not going to use names as defined in SPDX[0]? We are using SPDX
in AppStream-GLib for checking validity of license name in appstream

What do you think about my idea? Should I prepare patches?

[0] https://spdx.org/licenses/

-Igor Gnatenko
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