[Rpm-ecosystem] Proposal: Create deterministic archives

Nick Clifton nickc at redhat.com
Fri Feb 26 16:19:42 UTC 2016

Hi Guys,

  [I apologise if this is the wrong way to ask questions on this list - this
  is my first posting].

  I would like to suggest a change to the brp-strip-static-archive script so 
  that in addition to stripping the debug information it would also convert 
  the archive to the deterministic format[1].  This would have the effect that 
  different copies of the same library built at different times and/or by 
  different people would compare as being the same.

  This change could also take place when the archive is created, by changing
  the behaviour of the "ar" program so that deterministic libraries are the 
  default.  This was tried however and it lead to lots of problems building
  packages because most of them use the "ar cru" command to add files to a
  library.  This command does not work with deterministic archives because
  the timestamp information is not stored in the archive.

  The change to the brp-strip-static-archive script is quite straightforward:

--- brp-strip-static-archive.orig	2016-02-26 16:08:44.262149260 +0000
+++ brp-strip-static-archive	2016-02-26 16:09:16.173333309 +0000
@@ -16,5 +16,5 @@ for f in `find "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT" -type f
         grep -v "^${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/\?usr/lib/debug"  | \
 	grep 'current ar archive' | \
 	sed -n -e 's/^\(.*\):[ 	]*current ar archive/\1/p'`; do
-	$STRIP -g "$f"
+	$STRIP -g --enable-deterministic-archives "$f"

  Is this an acceptable change ?


[1] In deterministic format the user id, group id and timestamp for every file
in the archive is set to zero.

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