[Rpm-ecosystem] rpm-ostree's usage of libhif/hawkey merge

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Tue Jan 26 15:53:40 UTC 2016


So rpm-ostree is something that's not like a traditional package manager, but wants to deeply integrate with the rpm ecosystem (rpm-md repos, depsolving, etc.).

I have a (IMO cool =) ) demo of some of these new features for my Devconf.cz talk:

While I am trying trying to do increasingly advanced things, this is problematic
as libhif's current design is trying to wrap hawkey/librepo/librpm under a high
level interface.

See for example:

There's also:


I have a concrete suggestion: what if we made libhif suitable for use as a git submodule
for now (install to e.g. $libdir/rpm-ostree/libhif.so) ?  That way I can iterate quickly
on API changes without blocking for a long time.  If I can't actually make use of a change
I've submitted for weeks it just dramatically impacts iteration time.  I'd obviously keep sending patches

Then after things shake out, we can return to making libhif a regular shared library,
and commit to a stable API?

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