[Rpm-ecosystem] Writing a dnf plugin to better deal with out of tree kernel modules

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Thu Oct 6 10:01:45 UTC 2016

I wonder if this can be done with rich dependencies. It is a bit tricky
as you cannot have variables in them. So you cannot say:

Conflicts: kernel without matching module_foo

But with the assumption that new kernels have a bigger version number it
should still work if we add to nvidia-kernel-module:

Conflicts: (kernel-core > $VERSION and not nvidia-kernel-module > $VERSION)

Unfortunately we did not (yet) add a "not" operator as I was not able to
find a good use case. Here it is. So how to write this differently:

Requires: (nvidia-kernel-module > $VERSION if kernel-core > $VERSION)

This is kinda awkward as it requires a bigger version of itself, but ..
meh ... it is equivalent to the line above.

May be someone wants to try this out if it actually works.



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