[Rpm-ecosystem] RPM in ALT Linux (4.0.4 vs 4.13)

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 20:59:34 UTC 2016

On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 12:23 PM, Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at altlinux.org> wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Sep 2016, Neal Gompa wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 7:28 AM, Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at altlinux.org>
>> wrote:
>>>> package in ALT Linux, and I was wondering if you guys had contemplated
>>>> upgrading from rpm 4.0.4 to rpm 4.13?
>>> glebfm@ and legion@ are busy now with this.
>>> https://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/devel/2016-July/201603.html
>>> They could give most details about this process.
>>> The first thing to do on this way was to rebase many ALT's features[1]
>>> onto
>>> rpm(-install)-4.13. (Not yet features relevant for rpm-build.)
>>> [1] https://www.altlinux.org/Rpm-4.13
>>> As said, there are a few ALT-specific nice, important and non-trivial
>>> features in RPM, which would always require maintaining a separate fork
> The list (published under the given link on the wiki) is quite long, and
> Gleb has recently done a big job bringing them up-to-date with 4.13 (only
> the rpm-install part, not the rpm-build one):

I looked through the wiki page and also the git repository on ALT
Linux's gear for rpm-4.13[1], and there were some commits of concern:

* git hash: 08677107ea8efb30099b05c0c9876e0cfdbd9799: Add support of
ALT Linux traditional posttrans filetriggers
  - This commit is interesting because it's completely redundant. My
understanding is that the legacy file triggers implementation in ALT
Linux is derived from the original one developed by Mandriva. In
Mageia, we've ported all of the Mandriva style file triggers over to
the system that's part of rpm 4.13, and we'd be happy to share with
you guys the newer versions of these and help you guys get up to speed

* git hash: 61a1aaa2c0795f8bd564bdbef2b45cc4f44902ac: Write to syslog
about installed/removed packages
 - Why exactly is this necessary? This isn't a huge deal, but wouldn't
apt handle this already? This also feels like it should be written as
an rpm plugin rather than be a mandatory part of rpm. Other resolvers
(like Yum/DNF and Zypper) do record this information already to some
form of database/log which is accessible at any time, so it would be
redundant in that case.

* git hash: 4487281b1ed93cc8a997adb56be51c33c52ebce9: Add
/usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/*, /etc/rpm/macros.d/* to macrofiles
 - This one seems weird, as it disables the *.attr files and
eliminates the macros file name convention we've used in Fedora,
CentOS, Mageia, and openSUSE. I suspect this patch will remain
specific to ALT Linux.

* git hash: 60ea90eeb0341c2f8c761133033cd3e015c082c7: Add scripts/find-package
 - I understand why this exists (apt metadata doesn't include file
lists, so you can't resolve them). We have the same problem in Mageia
with urpmi's hdlist2 metadata. We have patches that alter rpm's own
find-requires script to work as you need it to so that you don't have
to disable the internal generators. I've attached them to this email,
with a "series" file to indicate the order in which the patches can be
applied. These patches were written by Thierry Vignaud of Mageia for
our rpm package to solve the same issue while leveraging the new
dependency generator framework.

I'll admit, I'm not really certain about many of the other ones...
Perhaps someone else here can take a deeper review of some of the
other patches and provide some feedback?

Do you guys have an equivalent package to redhat-rpm-config[2] or
rpm-mageia-setup[3] which contains your vendor configuration for RPM?
It seems like some of this stuff (like the GROUPS file, macros, etc.)
belong there...

[1]: http://git.altlinux.org/tasks/166699/gears/560/git?p=git;a=log
[2]: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/rpms/redhat-rpm-config.git/
[3]: http://gitweb.mageia.org/software/rpm/rpm-setup/about/

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