[Rpm-ecosystem] Why should Copr build service parse %name from spec file for dist-git import

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at redhat.com
Tue Aug 29 10:37:37 UTC 2017

Reposting original message as Pavel is not approved member of this mailing list.

Dne 28.8.2017 v 17:46 Pavel Raiskup napsal(a):
> Hi all!
> In Copr project, we try to solve interesting question which is worth
> asking wide and experienced audience.
> Copr service maintains it's own dist-git server;  that means that each
> build request needs to be first imported into dist-git (sources uploaded
> and spec/patches committed to git).  Then, the binary RPMs are built
> almost solely from the dist-git sources (well, since you can opt-in an
> Internet access, and copr (imo a bit mistakenly) tries to download the
> not-yet-downloaded tarballs, this rule is not enforced).
> Anyways, consider that you have an upstream project having specfile named
> `blah.spec`, which has inside the statement "Name: python-%pypiname".
> Copr dist-git automation downloads your project, takes this spec file and
> tries to decide "which dist-git module should I import this spec file
> into?".  So, where should we import?
>    Option #1 -> import into blah.git (since that's blah.spec)
>    Option #2 -> import into python-blah.git (since %name expands to
>                 python-blah)
>    Option #3 -> refuse to build the package
> To be honest with you all, I'm all for #3 (but we are proven we can not do
> that, that's too restrictive and a lot of people will complain, even if
> their packages don't comply with guidelines).
> So, I'm personally picking #1 because that's trivial and 100%
> deterministic.  Are there any reasons to pick #2?
> Pavel

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