[Rpm-ecosystem] nvr and nevra parsing functions

Julius Milan jmilan at redhat.com
Wed Mar 1 15:50:14 UTC 2017

Hi rpm people

I would like to ask you about adding functions for parsing information from nvr and maybe nevra strings.
As hawkey library became obsolete, we didn't find any replacement for some its functions as hy_split_nevra.

I am interested in function with api as:
int parse_nvr_name(const char *nvr, char **name);    // to parse just name, (allocates memory for it)

But you may want to add also something like: (hy_split_nevra equivalent)
int parse_nevra_all(const char *nevra, char **name, long int *epoch, char **version, char **release, char **arch);

I attached implementations of mentioned functions.
Would it be possible to add such or similar functions into yours libraries?

Best Regards
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