[Rpm-ecosystem] Numbers in --showrc output?

Marcus Hüwe suse-tux at gmx.de
Wed Mar 15 14:30:51 UTC 2017

On 2017-03-15 11:00:15 +0100, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> I stumbled upon:
> http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/350842/what-does-14-mean-in-a-dump-of-rpm-macros
> And I am curious too. What those numbers in "rpm --showrc" output means?
(Disclaimer: I just had a quick glance at the code... so I might be wrong)

In case of "rpm --showrc" such a negative number represents the "source"
or "location" of the macro definition:

-14 = -13 - 1: the macro is defined in a macro file (e.g. /etc/rpm/macros.*)
-11: the macro is defined in a rpmrc file (e.g. /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc)
-8 = -7 - 1: the macro is defined on the cmdline (for instance via
             rpm -D "zzz 42" --showrc)



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