[Rpm-ecosystem] What is the recommended procedure for building Fedora packages on EL7?

Jeff Johnson n3npq at me.com
Fri Jun 29 19:28:00 UTC 2018

The recent thread here indicates that there are people already trying to build Fedora packages on EL7 and encountering problems with rich dependencies.

Examining EL7 bugzilla shows feature requests to backport weak dependencies and post-uninstall file triggers, two other incompatibilities between the versions of rpm in Fedora and EL7.

A no-brainer suggestion to permit disabling rich dependency parsing elicited a vague preference for a more general solution than failing builds by, say, rewriting specfiles to "work" compatibly on EL7 (but supplied no details).

An attempted search for transition plans yielded no useful information (please supply a pointer if my attempts were too feeble).

So I have two questions:

1) Is there a transition plan (y/N)?

2) If "yes", what is the transition plan to deal with rpm's incompatible features?

I get asked rpm questions all the time, and note the citations from posts I wrote 15y ago.

I'll be happy to supply the "official" plan to people who ask, or refer them somewhere, if I knew what the transition plan is/was.

Or inquiring minds can just read any "official" reply here, and I need not be involved at all.

73 de Jeff

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