[Rpm-ecosystem] Announcing DNF 3 development

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 11:38:55 UTC 2018

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 7:22 AM, Matěj Cepl <mcepl at cepl.eu> wrote:
> On 2018-03-26, 10:52 GMT, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> On 03/22/2018 01:40 PM, Daniel Mach wrote:
>>> Please read more details on our blog:
>>> https://rpm-software-management.github.io/announcement/2018/03/22/dnf-3-announcement/
>> “C++ 11 is supported by GCC in RHEL 7 / CentOS 7” — You should
>> use Developer Toolset to compile on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
>> 7 if you need C++11 support.  The system compiler, GCC 4.8,
>> has limited support only.
> When switching the programming langauge than I would think there
> are some better C-successors than C++, namely Rust? Mad rush of
> giving up on 46 years old language and switching to one which is
> just 33 years old seems a bit bizarre to me.

I'm okay with not dealing with LLVM for my system package manager,
thank you very much. I'd be more open to Rust if Rust also could be
built with GCC, and thus supported across literally everything, but no
one is investing in that effort.

And frankly, Rust is harder to program in than C++, and creating
bindings is no walk in the park.

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