[Rpm-ecosystem] rpm.org redesign feedback

Radek Holy rholy at redhat.com
Fri Apr 10 13:33:25 UTC 2015


as for https://github.com/lkardos/rpm/wiki, looks good to me. The structure is very clear, I'd say.

What I don't like is that in the end, there is almost no content. It's just a list of links to other resources. It evokes a feeling that RPM does not want to bother with a documentation. I personally don't trust any documentation that is outside of the project's website. But I assume that you are the authors of most of the linked documents so that is not your case. It's just the feeling.

Also the wiki format... For me, if a project uses a wiki as the content management system, it means that it's either a draft of the final website or that they have it just to have a website but that they don't want to use it to attract/educate users. Or even that users are the ones who does/should write the content. I mean, a wiki website does not look like a presentation of a modern project. But you know, DNF's "website" is maybe even worse...

But definitely I think it's a good start and I like it more than the current site. AFAIK, the goal was mainly to make the website more usable and I think that this was achieved. The critique above is more a suggestion where to focus in the future if there is a will.
Radek Holý
Associate Software Engineer
Software Management Team
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