[Rpm-ecosystem] redesign of rpm.org and moving issues to github tracker

Pavel Odvody podvody at redhat.com
Wed Apr 29 14:24:08 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-04-29 at 08:35 -0400, Radek Holy wrote:
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> > Subject: [Rpm-ecosystem] redesign of rpm.org and moving issues to github	tracker
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> > Hi,
> > 
> > because we want to have a new web page for rpm and that page won't be based
> > on
> > TRAC we need to decide what to do with issues in TRAC issue tracker. And
> > because we are using github for git we can also use github tracker for
> > issues.
> > Some people already started using github issue tracker (now just one issue is
> > there). So now we have two issue trackers.
> > 
> > My proposal is to import all issues from TRAC into github, add comment in all
> > active TRAC issues that the issues was moved to github and disable creating
> > of new issues in TRAC. I tried possibilities of exporting from TRAC and
> > importing to github and it is doable with some scripts. I tried those scripts
> > and I imported all rpm issues in my github testing repo [1]. A disadvantage
> > is that all issues are created by me but there is a comment about original
> > reporter in each issue. Also some issues needs manual editing because
> > formatting tags are different in TRAC and github.
> > 
> > Lubos
> > 
> > [1] https://github.com/lkardos/test/issues
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> If you are going to use Github as the main platform, it sounds good to me. I think it's better to have all the issues in one system thus it's worth the problems with original reporters not having a Github account or just not following the new ticket.
> If you have not decided which platform it will be, I suggest taking a look at Phabricator before doing the migration. Also it seems that Kallithea is another alternative which has been discussed on PyCon.

How about Gitlab¹, or Gogs²?
Github is easy, it's already well established and accessible from the
web (well maybe except for China :)). So I believe that the question
really is: use something that's already there or roll our own
self-hosted service. 
Since we already have domain and server (not sure about the specs),
hosting our own service should be straight DevOps.
That being said, I vouch for Github as the other solutions I see as
being just Github without "Github" in the title :)

[1]: https://about.gitlab.com/
[2]: https://github.com/gogits/gogs

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