[Rpm-ecosystem] some thoughts on cooker RPM future and ambitions, [FORKSOAPv3]

Per Øyvind Karlsen proyvind at moondrake.org
Fri Jun 19 10:47:46 UTC 2015


I'm forwarding parts of some thought rambling on the cooker list, with some
extra commenting:
Second major and likely most controversial item on my list is RPM...
Considering the advantage we had by having free playground within the RPM
project and better collaboration with other distros, this hasn't been the
case for years now due to diffficult upstream..

We considered (together with PLD) first just maintaining a cvs git clone
repo of rpm5.org where we could follow upstream and do our own work in
common branches again where we pulled it all in easily.
Then we considered perhaps fork rpm5 and gradually transform it to become
compatible with rpm.org, but the heavy amounts of refactoring done within
rpm.org makes this a very time consuming, tedious and wasteful job...
So easier is it that we move back to rpm.org, ie. with their
distro-ecosystem (orwhatever the list was named), most other distros of
interest that's still around and having an interest in the golden arch
(that I actually was hired initially for working on, as part of my master
studies), namely a cleaner, saner, easier, more automatic, more compatible
with far less maintenance for the RPM distros to finally share, just like
.deb based distros has been since the early morning...
So I have like over 300 patches maintained locally since 2011 with pretty
much all of my work which hasn't gone upstream meanwhile and all the work
invested into it earlier over the years before my cvs commit access was cut
off back in  nov 2011.

So I have quite a large and lonely task cut out for me this time, only help
I'm making some hopes of is PLD helping porting parts of their relevant
code and functionality parts to rpm.org...

If anyone would like to help me out with the job, even rookie apprentices
would be accepted, please let me know! ;)

So yes, for the next release (not upcoming), the official plan of mine
(probably a bit perplexing to some;) is for us to move back to rpm.org...
Even if the road seemed right at the time, sticking by important decissions
when everything speaks against it and virtually nothing for it now, several
years later, we need to pick a road again, this time the other seems the
right one, even if it means having to carry with us and adapt a lot of work
on such a critical component and decission. Of course far less work to
stubbornly stick with a former decission and looking far less unapt as well
by changing a course of such great controversy back then, me being the main
proponent of...
With some Vulcan logic applied, ~reversing  decission is not very
problematic.. ;)

I sure hope there can be some interest and other potential rpm.org devels
which would have interest in helping us move along on our way to rpm.org
and welcome us... ;)

Per Øyvind
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