[Rpm-ecosystem] Getting started with DNF plugin development

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 09:30:06 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I recently started working with the software package management team
at Red Hat, and my initial focus is going to be on helping to migrate
further plugins from yum to dnf.

I only get to be a complete noob once, so while I'm getting started
and if folks are amenable to the idea, I'd like to take a run at
putting together a contributor's guide for the main DNF documentation:

The idea would be to initially cover:

* how to get started working on dnf-plugins-extras
* how to get started working on dnf-plugins-core
* how to get started working on dnf itself

The last case was already covered in its README file, so this would
just be about making those instructions a bit easier to find.

However, for working on plugins, it isn't immediately obvious to me
how to invoke their respective test suites - while there are tests in
the tests subdirectories, their generated Makefiles have no "make
test" command, and running ctest directly reports no tests were found.

Finally, I'm looking for recommendations on an initial plugin to try porting.

In researching that, I found the tasks listed at
are all currently marked as done. Would it make sense to populate that
page with the list of yum plugins still to be ported?


Nick Coghlan   |   ncoghlan at gmail.com   |   Brisbane, Australia

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