[Rpm-ecosystem] Locating all the RPM Ecosystem software

Honza Šilhan jsilhan at redhat.com
Thu Aug 27 15:42:24 UTC 2015

> From: "Neal Gompa" <ngompa13 at gmail.com>
> Hello all,
> I was chatting with Florian Festi in # rpm.org earlier today, and it led me
> to bring up the question of where all the tools that actually make up the
> common tools and features of RPM, Yum, and DNF actually are.
> So, as it turns out, the answer is: all over the place (and in one case,
> almost nowhere).
> The first (and most important one) is DeltaRPM. Most distros using DeltaRPM
> technology are currently using the deltarpm package written by SUSE. That
> was on Gitorious. However, Gitorious was acquired by GitLab and the system
> was shut down. It "is migrating all the repositories to Internet Archive,"
> but it's been doing that for a while, and it effectively means that it's
> disappeared for now.
> That said, I was able to locate a mirror that someone made just before the
> shutdown: https://gitlab.com/necrose99/deltarpm
> I would like to suggest that a new master tree for this application be hosted
> on the rpm-software-management GitHub organization.
> Next up are the libraries used by DNF: libsolv, hawkey, librepo, and
> libcomps.
> hawkey and libcomps were easy to find, as they are in the
> rpm-software-management organization on GitHub.
> I poked around a bit and found librepo on GitHub. Assuming this is the
> canonical source (I think it is), it's at: https://github.com/Tojaj/librepo
> Florian pointed me to libsolv's location on GitHub (under the openSUSE
> organization): https://github.com/openSUSE/libsolv
> Great, we're done, right? Not quite. We've got all the pieces now for package
> creation and management, but what about repository creation and management?
> For rpm-md repository data (which is all Yum and DNF currently support), the
> "createrepo" package does this.
> However, there are two variants of createrepo.
> The first variant is the Python based one: createrepo. This variant is hosted
> on its own site ( http://createrepo.baseurl.org/ ) and its source code is
> hosted on a local GitWeb there.

> The second variant is a C based one: createrepo_c. This variant is intended
> to be command-compatible with createrepo, but faster and more accurate on
> repository creation and management. It is hosted on GitHub at:
> https://github.com/Tojaj/createrepo_c
> However, for DeltaRPM support, createrepo_c doesn't use deltarpm. Instead it
> uses libdrpm, which is hosted by Fedora at:
> https://git.fedorahosted.org/git/drpm.git
> After trawling through this, I came away somewhat dissatisfied with how
> scattered things are. I would like to see if we could potentially move some
> more of these things to the rpm-software-management organization on GitHub
> so that it's easy to find all the tools people need for making and managing
> an RPM-based distribution.
> Thoughts?

librepo, libcomps and createrepo_c could be placed inside rpm-software-management.
I've already informed it's developers and created them a repo there. It's their turn
now. libdrpm as a reference implementation of deltarpms could be there too (Ping me,
Matej, if you want it to be transferred).

createrepo, DeltaRPM does not makes sense to me to be there. They are obsoleted and
don't have a maintainers as you have said.

libsolv has it's good place under openSUSE organization with zypper etc. (Although
we can host it if Michael wants)


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