[Rpm-ecosystem] hawkey -> libhif merge

Michal Ruprich michalruprich at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 19:53:23 UTC 2015

Honza will probably get this message twice - I accidentaly replied only 
to him not to all of you... Sorry about that ;-)

On 07/10/15 15:51, Honza Šilhan wrote:
>> From: "Colin Walters" <walters at verbum.org>
>> On Tue, Oct 6, 2015, at 09:59 AM, Honza Šilhan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> in hawkey/glib branch [1] is the most recent version of hawkey with glib
>>> dependency
>>> - Colin's patches applied. (Original Hawkey repository will stay without
>>> glib
>>> dependency.)
>>> Richard, lets try to merge it [1] with librepo and libhif to see how it
>>> goes. Do
>>> it in new separate repository at first, please. It will become officially a
>>> part
>>> of libhif after successful October hacking session if all component owners
>>> will agree
>> Is there a summary anywhere of the current plans?
> Good idea, created [1]. You can extend it and then we can put it into libhif wiki.
>> So hawkey/libhif will merge, and gain a new C API, but we'll try to preserve
>> the Python bindings, right?
> SSDS is using some parts of hawkey that was not achievable from libhif.
> Michal, can you tell us what exactly are you missing in libhif?
We use hawkey to solve dependencies on server side, librepo is used to 
get repo metadata and repo information and librpm is than used to 
install packages. All these steps are designed so that the client 
doesn't solve any dependencies at all. If I remeber it correctly, when 
we tried to use libhif to download packages on client it needed its own 
sack object and it tried to run some dependency solving - that is why we 
avoided it in the first place. Correct me if I'm wrong in this...
> So far everything that was available in hawkey from Python API had it's counterpart
> in C. This will probably change even though I like this uniform idea. Python API
> will definitely remain as it is.
Ssds project is written in C so if there will be some changes in the C 
API it will affect us... But if that is a problem we can always rewrite 
the whole thing into python and use all the python functionality instead...

>> Are you implying librepo will merge as well?
> I thought that was the plan so we will know where better fits repo config parsing
> and Cashe integration.
> Honza
> [1] http://rpm.pad.engineering.redhat.com/lihif-hawkey-plans

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