trying to unpack multiple sources

Greg_Swift at Greg_Swift at
Mon Dec 8 22:15:42 UTC 2008

> > > Doesn't this work:
> > >
> > > %setup -c -a 1 -a 2 -a 3 -a 4 -a 5
> >
> > give the man a prize!  Now, is that documented, do you know where?
Cause I
> > didn't see it in the places I normally look.
> Well, I'm also teaching RPM courses too, so I should know ;-).
> You can extract it from the documentation I think.  Be aware of the fact
> that %setup can be used only once.  Everything that can't be done via
> %setup (e.g. extracting sources in different subdirectories) should be
> done "manually" (with commands like "tar -xf %{SOURCE1}" etc.).

Ahh... the one line only is what got me.  The Fedora RPM Guide made it seem
like it was automatic[1], and this older
guide made it look like you could run %setup more than once[2] (my bad for
using a reference from 2001).

thanks again.

[2] %prep section

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