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Pascal Brognez pascal.brognez at
Wed Dec 10 08:37:57 UTC 2008

Greg_Swift at a écrit :
>> I have php-common-5.2.6 already install, I want to used php-xml, but
>> there is no php-xml-5.2.6 rpm.

> ... before I start I believe that this is off-topic for the list

off-topic? General discussion about the RPM package manager 
<rpm-list at>

>  Where'd you get
> the php-xml-5.2.6-2.el5s2?

Where have you read in my two mails than i have get php-xml-5.2.6-2.el5s2?

It's exactly the contrary.
I want to get this rpm.

   Its not from any RHEL official channel I can
> see.
I only use official channels. I manage a production server.

> Looks like you would
> have to re-roll our own package as the centos5 version is 5.1.6, which is
> already available to you from your existing channels. (you could try
> getting the fedora 8 srpm and see if it will rebuild on rhel5).
> but unless you have a pressing need to be on 5.2.6 over 5.1.6, I would
> remove the 5.2.6 from your system and just use the 5.1.6 versions.


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