Is there is a way to verify an installed RPM from python?

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Wed Dec 17 15:20:25 UTC 2008

On Dec 17, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Seth Vidal wrote:

> What does %verifyscript need to do?/

The scriptlet in RPMTAG_VERIFYSCRIPT is intended for
verifying the side effects of other scriptlet actions.

One obvious/common example usage case for %verifscript (in Fedora,
in RHEL, in RHL, likely other rpm based distros) is the shell packages.

When adding a new shell, the path to the shell is
added to /etc/shells, usually through some mish-mosh
of sed and perl and grep and ...

And the entry is /etc/shells is removed in %preun (though
%postun could be done equally well), again through a mish-mosh
of sed/grep/awk/... etc.

Integrating the domain-specific editing language from augeas
into rpm is one way to remove the mish-mosh, integrating
puppet-like expansions from templates+registries another, but I  
digress ...

The %verifyscript scriptlet is then used to verify that,
indeed, the entry that was added to /etc/shells in %post
is still present, i.e. no other package has clobbered

But presumably you already knew all of those details ...

73 de Jeff
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