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Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Wed Dec 17 15:25:14 UTC 2008

On Dec 17, 2008, at 8:13 AM, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> I've been told that my submissions to this list are moderated:
> > Apologies for a messup with rpm-list at administration,  
> I only intended to enable moderation for your posts there but either  
> I or mailman screwed something up and unsubscribed you instead. I've  
> resubscribed you now.
> 	- Panu -
> Let's see, shall we? Apologies to list members, posting publically  
> is the
> only trustworthy test of <rpm-list at> mailing list moderation  
> policies.
> I have no wish to be moderated, nor participate where controlling  
> rather
> than disseminating information about rpm is considered more important.

OK, so I am permitted to post to <rpm-list at> ...

> No reason for moderating my posts other than that "They can." has  
> been supplied.

... now what is the reason for moderating my posts?

Publically please ...

73 de Jeff
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