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Fri Apr 3 20:25:44 UTC 2009

Hi All,
I heard thro YUM mailing list, that RPM no longer supports reliable rollback of transaction.
I have some Qs related to this, and would like to confirm if RPM rollback feature functions reliably or NOT.

I think, RPM currently supports
ie, what I mean is, if you have multiple package installs/erases within 1 single RPM transaction, then if there is a failure,
for any package install/erase, then prior to failure, whatever other packages that were installed/erased, will be undone. Can someone please confirm this.
Also there is this old link below, that talks about RPMs Rollback feature::
It does say that for upgrade, if repackage option is enabled, then older version of package, including config files, and install scripts will be backed up, under repackage directory(/var/spool/repackage).
So later you can go back to older version, by running this command,
rpm -Uvh --rollback '2 hours ago'
The above URL is 5 years old, and I have RPM version on my Fedora.
So my Qs is, are there issues with RPM rollback feature, as far as when it comes up reverting back to old config files under /etc, and/or if the RPM post/pre scripts create user/system accounts , are there issues undoing those accounts.
Are these the kind of issues, that still linger wrt to ROLLBACK feature.
And as far as AUTOMATIC ROLLBACK, if there is a failure within a single transaction(that has multiple packages), does that feature work fine. OR is that feature also plagued by issues such as reverting config files changes and/or other stuff done from post/pre RPM scripts.
Can someone please let me know.
Thanks very much.

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