Qs on RPM Rollbacks

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Sun Apr 5 10:22:47 UTC 2009

Creative Innovative wrote:
> I heard thro YUM mailing list, that RPM no longer supports reliable rollback of transaction.

This information is wrong. RPM no longer supports rollback of transaction.

> I have some Qs related to this, and would like to confirm if RPM rollback feature functions reliably or NOT.

The problem with rollback is that scripts with in the rpm can execute 
arbitrary shell commands. This means that RPM cannot foresee which files are 
affected by a package and therefore cannot backup all files. As rollback is 
based on repackage RPM is also restricted to files within the packages 
within the transaction. This means that neither --repackage nor --rollback 
can really completely close the gap between downgrading the packages and the 
desired "undo" function.

Therefore repackage and rollback have been removed in the 4.6.0 release (see 


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