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Mon Apr 6 16:09:17 UTC 2009

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 12:22 PM, Florian Festi <ffesti at redhat.com> wrote:

> Creative Innovative wrote:
>> I heard thro YUM mailing list, that RPM no longer supports reliable
>> rollback of transaction.
> This information is wrong. RPM no longer supports rollback of transaction.
>  I have some Qs related to this, and would like to confirm if RPM rollback
>> feature functions reliably or NOT.
> The problem with rollback is that scripts with in the rpm can execute
> arbitrary shell commands. This means that RPM cannot foresee which files are
> affected by a package and therefore cannot backup all files.

The fact that there may be, and there are unfortunately, RPM package that
run script - install files in% post  for example, relates more generally to
an issue of quality assurance.  I could not even "correctly" make a rpm -e
of these packages , but it would be a rpm  problem ? .The lack of quality
should not be a justification for not implementing a rollback support, as
has already been done in the past. And even improved over time iirc, but i
don't want speak of this.

> As rollback is based on repackage RPM is also restricted to files within
> the packages within the transaction. This means that neither --repackage nor
> --rollback can really completely close the gap between downgrading the
> packages and the desired "undo" function.

Is it a implementation problem - difficult, sure, no dubt - or a universal
law ?  I think the first
but JMHO.


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