Building rpm, x86_64 and i386 architecture, rpm --upgrade

Greg_Swift at Greg_Swift at
Mon Apr 6 22:24:51 UTC 2009

> Could someone experienced comment on my problem?

That's not how multilib works.  It is designed to allow both to be there,
and whatever binary is utilizing them will point to the one relevant to its
arch.  You could play with "Conflicts" as an option, but I couldn't tell
you if that would work or not having never needed to do it (and you would
be having the spec telling RPM that the package conflicts with itself).

I guess if you really wanted to achieve it and Conflicts doesn't work on
package.arch, you could create them as two differently named packages
(megacli32.i386 and megacli64.x86_64) and set the conflicts based on the
main package name.


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