Qs regarding rpmReadPackageFile, using rpm 4.6 version

Creative Innovative innovative_c at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 16 20:49:42 UTC 2009

Hi Folks,

I am using RPM 4.6 version.

I have a C program, that uses rpm 4.6 library apis, to add packages to RPM transaction,
and run transaction.

When adding packages, I call rpmReadPackageFile, and from looking at the RPM source code, it seems like this api-->rpmReadPackageFile does signature and digest verification in RPM header.

So after adding the package to rpm transaction, prior to calling rpmtsRun api, to run the transaction, I am setting rpmtsSetVSFlags(ts,RPMVSF_NOHDRCHK).

My guess is by setting RPMVSF_NOHDRCHK, I am preventing redundant verification of signature/digest info in header, since it got verified when rpmReadPackageFile was called to add the package to rpm transaction. So it should improve run-time performance of rpmtsRun api.

Please let me know, if this is reliable approach, if not, I will NOT set this flag(RPMVSF_NOHDRCHK) prior to calling rpmtsRun api.



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