Please help: how to relocate installed files paths into an RPM database

Greg_Swift at Greg_Swift at
Wed Aug 12 15:23:09 UTC 2009

> > I tried your suggestion and it works, however, since it implies
> > reinstalling all the packages from their RPM files, though in
> > database only, is no so different from reinstalling them completely.
> > If no standard solution is available, I was looking for a sort of
> > hack such as a query to manipulate the database directly. I guess
> > RPM development team should take this in consideration because it
> > allows a better portability of every RPM-based installation.

> Well, depending on any changes you've made and how big the install base
> it can be a lot smaller and quicker to perform.  I think some would argue
> that having an easy direct way of manipulating the database would defeat
> some of the purpose of the security the RPM database helps provide.
> In ALL the security text i have read - FWIW i am also a CEH - the
> integrity check offered by the command rpm -V it is considered
> having little, if any, importance from a "security" point of view..
> And not because it is or  not so easy change an rpmdb but rather
> because the database - the rpmdb -  from which the verification is
> done is put  on the same local machine. It would be equivalent to
> have the aide db on the same machine on which aide do the check:
> just for the paranoid  the same aide may have been changed for
> hiding track o change. Hence the birth of products which carry out
> such checks in a centralized manner, by placing also little
> confidence using program staticaly linked for doing the security
> integrity check (for example

very good point.

> >
> > Take for instance this scenario:
> >
> > A hacker gets on my box and does a relocate of an important package
> > procps) to a directory outside of everyone's path, and then drop
installs a
> > custom rpm with a name like procps- that provides similar files, but
> > malicious content.  A rpm -qaV show the files all validating fine, and
> > rpm -q --whatprovides shows something that looks right... it isn't a
> > thought.
> > Although... i'm not sure if procps is relocatable.  But i think the
> > still stands.
> I can always do a --badreloc anyway.

I just read the man page for badreloc, but i'm still not sure I get what it
is for... could you expand on that?


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