Please help: how to relocate installed files paths into an RPM database

Greg_Swift at Greg_Swift at
Wed Aug 12 17:24:47 UTC 2009

> > > I can always do a --badreloc anyway.

> > I just read the man page for badreloc, but i'm still not sure I get
what it
> > is for... could you expand on that?
> Sure
> If you try , for example
> rpm -Uvh --relocate /=/usr/local --badreloc somepkg*.rpm
> then all the directories / files can be relocated. Clearly, it is
> possible that arise some problem if you want relocate AND update the
> package AND exists  file dependencies of other packages from the
> previous location of the files of the previous package: in this case
> is not possible to relocate AND update, without changing the file
> deps of the other package. In this case not even consider that you
> can use a - nodeps update :=)

thanks.. i think i get it now..

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