chmod on subdirectories and files

George Machitidze giomac at
Tue Aug 18 14:10:20 UTC 2009

How can I specify special permissions for entire subdirectories and files,
for example:

754 /
755 /foo
643 /foo/1.txt
755 /foo/2/
643 /foo/3/2.asd

(same for all subdirectories, and same for all files in them)

I've got too many files to include all of them manually...

Also, how is possible to exclude specific file like this:

755 /
755 /foo
755 /foo/bar/1.txt
755 /foo/bar2/3.asd
644 /foo/bar/2.asd
755 /foo/bar3/1.asd

Thank you in advance

George Machitidze
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