First ever rpm, how are files extracted from the rpm and where do they go?

Greg_Swift at Greg_Swift at
Wed Feb 11 15:52:46 UTC 2009

> I understand all of the build and stuff, it just does not seem to
> apply to what mine is doing. The package I have is not C based at all
> and requires a great deal of post processing (300 line shell script)
> to install it on the target machine. The difficulty is for example on
> the target machine needs to end up in
> /opt/myfirstrpm/bin/ and has to be run through sed
> first to take into account local parameters. Getting
> into the rpm is not the issue, getting it out of
> myfirst.rpm through sed and into
> /opt/myfirstrpm/bin/ is the issue. I understand
> that probably the processing needs to go into %post but how
> is extracted from rpm, and where it goes so that
> I may process it with sed first is opaque to me right now.

If this is something you developed would it be amiss to just integrate
those sed changes into the script so that you don't have to run them in the
post script to man handle the file?


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