Unsatisfied dependencies

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Wed Jan 14 09:46:01 UTC 2009

Zhang, Long (Roger) wrote:
> I am using rpm on Ubuntu 8.04 to install my rpm package. I saw a strange
> problem. The rpm -Vp always complains the unsatisfied dependencies while
> the dependencies all exist. Anyone knows what is wrong?  Thanks!

Yes, packaging programs like rpm or dpkg (used by Ubuntu) do not actually 
look what you have on your disk but rely on a database of previously 
installed packages. This means that you cannot install an rpm package on a 
non-rpm-based distribution like Ubuntu.

You can try out "alien" which can convert packages from one format to 
another but this is known to be fragile and may not work. The better 
solution would be to find a native package (.deb) of the software you are 
interested in or package it as .deb yourself.


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