how to disable rpmbuild from stripping the debug information from binaries?

Dotan Barak dotanba at
Tue Jan 20 17:14:24 UTC 2009


When i build RPM with binaries which contains debug information,
rpmbuild strips the debug information and put it in debuginfo RPM.

Can i tell rpmbuild not to strip the debug information?
Here are the different approaches that i tried:

1) I added %global __strip /bin/true to my spec file but the stripping
still occurs.

2) I tried to add  %define __spec_install_post /bin/true  to my spec
files, but then the rpmbuild get the following error message:
   error: Could not open %files file
/tmp/rpm_dir.sdjsidjsid/BUILD/my_rpm/debugfiles.list: No such file or


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