RPM package bundle problem.

NgaNTH nganth at fsoft.com.vn
Thu Jul 23 09:48:16 UTC 2009

I don't understand what you wrote L As I see from this spec (I copied it
from the internet),  2 rpm (abc and log4c) will be extracted into folder
Then, from this folder, it will run : rpm -Uvh with each rpm to install
log4c and abc.


So, in your opinion, please tell clearly what I should do to make this spec
work properly as I expected? Thanks



A Typo perhaps? You are installing into bundledir and not in the rpm
buildroot :=)

rpm -Uvh %{bundledir}/log4c-1.2.1-1.i386.rpm 

rpm -Uvh %{bundledir}/abc-1.0-1.i386.rpm



Let me guess: have you perhaps ALSO looked to my yum-pull-update ?


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