RPM package bundle problem.

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> At the point when you run the %post the files are *not* in $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
> but instead under root (/).
> Plus you should not be running another rpm transaction within an rpm
> transaction - it might work (depending on the version of rpm), or it might
> fail with locking issues, or it might completely corrupt your rpm database.

It is an opinion. Not eveyone agreed with this.
Just for example

rpm --showc |
 rpmlib(ConcurrentAccess) = 4.1-1
        package scriptlets may access the rpm database while installing.

Search yum-pull-update in your favorite search engine for something i do for
using yum as pull agent (e.g software distribution) and not only the usual
pull. Sure every ten years could be problem for glibc NTPL update or similar
problem in using a rpm package bundle.

> You should do this with dependancies and a proper package management tool
> (ie yum etc) rather than abusing raw rpm.

Not is always possible. In fact the rpm-package-bundle try to overcame
situation - rare as can be - as this. The goal is to install other rpm via
rpm, in order to establish an order
of installation and deinstall not determinable by the usual forms
of dependence provided by rpm.  This might happen, for example,
for political reasons or in the presence of proprietary package who require
a form of non-interactive EULA or have wrong dependency anyway and i want to
a depsolver - yum, zypper, urpmi, smart ... - for installing this package.

But YMMV, as everyone else.

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