merging (sub-)packages

James Antill james at
Wed Jun 10 03:26:09 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-09 at 14:54 -0400, rarob at wrote:
> Hello all,

>   For discussion, let say the old way had the following
> packages:
>   foo-1.1.1        (required)
>   foo-gui-1.1.1    (optional, requires foo-1.1.1)
>   foo-docs-1.1.1   (optional, requires foo-1.1.1)
>   foo-extras-1.1.1 (optionsl, requires foo-1.1.1)
>   We've changed how things are built now, and what use to be foo-docs is
> not part of foo-gui, so we have this:
>   foo-1.2.1        (required)
>   foo-gui-1.2.1    (optional, requires foo-1.2.1)
>   foo-extras-1.2.1 (optional, requires foo-1.2.1)
>   Any suggestions on how to craft our spec files (or yum repo info) so
> that if we are installing the foo-1.2.1 rpms the foo-docs-1.1.1 package
> is correctly identified as obsolete and removed?

 foo-gui package/sub-package has:

Obsoletes: foo-docs < 1.2.1
Provides: foo-docs = %{version}

>   Ideally we would like
> to be able to eventually do a 'yum groupinstall foo-group' to either
> install or update our software and have it do the right thing.

 Groups don't work like that, but "yum upgrade" will dtrt, with the
above information.

James Antill <james at>

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