RPM library function for SLES 10Sp2

shruthi srinivasalu shruthisrinivasalu at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 5 07:14:13 UTC 2009

I am a working software professional and I wanted to use rpm library API's for my development. I did install the latest 4.7.0 rpm lib source code, but I didnt get the exact api that I am looking for. The API that i want to use is 

#include <rpm/rpmlib.h>

int rpmInstallPackage(char * rootdir,
                      rpmdb db,
                      int fd,
                      char * prefix, 
                      int flags,
                      rpmNotifyFunction notify,
                      char * labelFormat,
                      char * netsharedPath);
But the rpmlib.h header file in 4.7.0 version does not provide this. Can anyone help me out in finding the exact version which provides me this API?
Basically I am looking for a API which can do the "rpm --install <file.rpm>" command implementation.

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