How to create one rpm package which only contains specified directory?

He Yunlong-B20256 Harry.He at
Thu May 14 07:19:06 UTC 2009

Hi, Experts,
    I have one directory like this (about 300M, over 50000 files):
    I want to create one rpm package for it, when installing the rpm
package, it should extract the files and put it to the same location
    finally I got the package, but when installing the rpm, it hangs
with only printing out "preparing...", then I have to kill it manually
        [sstims at harry_rh52 ~]$ sudo rpm -Uvh --nodeps --nofiles
--noscript --nomd5 cs-xxx.rpm
        Preparing...                Killed

    with help of strace, it hangs with mmap2 system call
         #sudo strace rpm -ivh cs-xxx.rpm 
        mremap(0x545a6000, 1616502784, 1616506880, MREMAP_MAYMOVE) =
46\17"..., 4096, 2043904) = 4096
        mmap2(NULL, 1077669888, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE,
MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x141e7000

    I restart the machine and run "sudo rpm --rebuilddb", but still
    If I package it with fewer files, it can be installed, but still
very slow.  The most strange issue is that it need much memory when
installing the rpm package, about 800M is used, but finally hang.
    Can you help to have a look on this issue? 
                I build the rpm package with rpm 4.0.4, and install the
package with rpm 4.4.2
                I failed to create the rpm package with rpm 4.4.2,
segment fault occured.
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