install variable for kernel version

Barry Cisna brcisna at
Mon Nov 2 17:45:11 UTC 2009

Hello List,

I am very new to rpm building. I have made a few simple rpm builds
successfully. I have read the good gurulabs tutorial on building rpms
which has helped me to get started. I have searched this but don't know
how to put a good search phrase in for my question. 
What is the correct variable for installing a device driver into the the
installed kernel version for whatever machine is trying to install the
rpm I have built? In other words I am wanting the nic driver to install
to- /lib/modules/$kernelversion$/kernel/drivers/net .
I tried the following thinking I may have had the correct syntax but of
course I did not - /lib/modules/2.6*/kernel/drivers/net
When I install my rpm to a machine that has a different kernel
version,then my build machine the $kernelversion$ of my machine is added
to the installing machines dir.
I am sure this is a simple syntax variable ,but I was hoping someone
could give me an *example* of what I need to use.

Thank You,

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