install variable for kernel version

Valery Reznic valery_reznic at
Mon Nov 2 19:56:55 UTC 2009

For each kernel you should build it's own module
(and usually it's own rpm)
So you can specify correct path in the rpm build time
and not at installation time.


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> Subject: install variable for kernel version
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> Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 7:45 PM
> Hello List,
> I am very new to rpm building. I have made a few simple rpm
> builds
> successfully. I have read the good gurulabs tutorial on
> building rpms
> which has helped me to get started. I have searched this
> but don't know
> how to put a good search phrase in for my question. 
> What is the correct variable for installing a device driver
> into the the
> installed kernel version for whatever machine is trying to
> install the
> rpm I have built? In other words I am wanting the nic
> driver to install
> to- /lib/modules/$kernelversion$/kernel/drivers/net .
> I tried the following thinking I may have had the correct
> syntax but of
> course I did not - /lib/modules/2.6*/kernel/drivers/net
> When I install my rpm to a machine that has a different
> kernel
> version,then my build machine the $kernelversion$ of my
> machine is added
> to the installing machines dir.
> I am sure this is a simple syntax variable ,but I was
> hoping someone
> could give me an *example* of what I need to use.
> Thank You,
> Barry
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