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> Subject: install variable for kernel version
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> Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 2:40 AM
> Hi Valery,
> Thank You for the info. It seems there should be in the
> install stanza
> for a variable to do what I am wanting to do. I understand
> by rights
> each driver module should in fact be kernel specific, as
> you stated. The
> downside is I do not have access to several kernel
> variances of 2.6. I
> have manually added my built kernel modules to different
> versions of FCx
> for example and they work fine. I am an army of one trying
> to do
> this:)....
In any case at rpm build time you know kernel version for each module, so there is no need to query it at installation time.


> Thanks again,
> Barry
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