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Mon Nov 9 20:34:06 UTC 2009

Hi Barry,

I'm not sure I understand what you try to do. But when building RPM's,
you do install things as, for example, %{BUILDROOT}/usr/bin/file and in
the files section you then would set /usr/bin/file. This it the standard
which surely was in place when I started buiding RPM's and that was
before F10.

So once again for clarity:
The file to be included in the RPM is to be found on your system as
and in the files section, this file is referenced as
(without the BUILDROOT part).

If you really included files installed on your system and not under
%{BUILDROOT}, then you definitely did something wrong.

Hope this helps,


On Sun, Nov 08, 2009 at 09:02:51PM -0600, Barry Cisna wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am making some advances on rpm building after installing FC10. I am a
> novice at rpmbuilding,and am wondering if there is a workaround for
> hardcoding files into the %files section of the spec file? You used to
> be able to do this,but it appears on FC10 anyway it checks for
> buildroot.
> I would like to add some files/binaries that are on my system to the
> files section but when I add them by the path,when trying to build
> rpmbuild looks for everything at buildroot.
> %files
> /usr/bin/file
> /usr/sbin/file2
> ,,, no longer works.
> When i try and place the files in either the BUILD or BUILDROOT
> directory,,of course this fails miserably also.
> Ideas?
> Thank You,
> Barry
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