*** ERROR: No build ID note found in problem

Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov
Wed Oct 7 12:49:55 UTC 2009

> in my rpm build, I have following error message.
> [error]
> extracting debug info from /home/nco_user/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/
> daemon-1.0.0-1.x86_64/home/mvuser/test/lshw.o
> *** ERROR: No build ID note found in /home/mvuser/rpmbuild/
> BUILDROOT/daemon-1.0.0-1.x86_64/home/mvuser/test/lshw.o
> error: Bad exit status from /home/mvuser/rpmbuild/tmp/rpm-tmp.nbGUR6
> RPM build errors:
>     Bad exit status from /home/mvuser/rpmbuild/tmp/rpm-tmp.nbGUR6
> Before some time I am able to build the rpm.
> now it came like this.
> what this error means?.
> any one face this problem

Did this not work?


There is an explanation of buildid here:



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