rpmbuild questions

Clay Stuckey cstuckey at govsg.com
Wed Dec 29 19:42:09 UTC 2010

I am a little confused regarding what happens in rpmbuild. Here is what 
I understand and please correct where I am off:
- when rpmbuild -ba mypackage.spec is executed, the SOURCE/mypackage.tzg 
file is ungzipped into BUILD
- the %prep, %build and %install sections of the spec file run processes 
on the files in the BUILD directory and actually install the application 
to the host filesystem
- the %files section tells rpmbuild which of the recently installed 
files to bundle up in to the new RPM
- when the RPM is installed on the new system, it just unpacks those 
bundled up files to the new system
Am I understanding this correctly?

My current needs are to to a few things:
get a few binary files onto a system and excecute to install
alter the contents some config files
alter the permissions of some files and folders
add some users, execute ssh-keygen as them, and place ssh keys in their 
authorized_users file
Am I going down the wrong path by considering RPM as a tool for making 
these system changes?

Clay Stuckey
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(843) 469-5467 cell
cstuckey at govsg.com
thomas.c.stuckey at us.army.mil
thomas.c.stuckey.ctr at us.army.smil.mil

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