Adding Features / Components of a software to RPM database

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Thanks Paul,


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On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Jiju Jacob <JJacob at>
> Hi,
> I am a java developer and I have a doubt regarding RPM.
> I have an installation of a software (Java based installer) and in our
> product, we have several features and each feature has multiple
> At runtime, the user gets to select which features /components he
wants to
> install, and we install these in the user selected machine. For users
> want a RPM registration, we register the product with the RPM

I think the usual thing it to build several RPMS and the users install
the ones they need.  Note many packages have a "common" component and
a bunch of addons.  See emacs, for example.


> I now have a new requirement of adding the names of
> installed to the RPM database. How do I do this?
> Note, we create a build spec for the software and then register to the
> database using the buildspec.
> Thanks,
> Jiju
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