integrated listing mechanism with rpm, listing contents of rpm files.

Edward Peschko horos11 at
Thu Mar 18 23:15:33 UTC 2010


I'm trying to get a list of files in some binary rpms without
installing them, located at:

For some reason:

rpm2cpio zzuf-0.13-1.fc13.i686.rpm | cpio --list

does not work (it says the created cpio is corrupted, even on the
newest version of rpm2cpo):

cpio: warning: skipped 5486 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: archive header has reverse byte-order
cpio: premature end of file

However, the rpm itself is perfectly fine (rpm -i <file> works).

Hence, it looks like there is a bug in rpm2cpio, most likely because
it is out of sync with rpm. If you wish to reproduce, you can do so by

Anyways, is there a workaround for this? Right now, this is a
showstopper; I need the list of files out of the package for a rpm
utility I'm building, and unless I can read an arbitrary rpm and get
this list, I'm sort of stuck.. So suggestions are welcome..


(ps - if I had a wish, I really would want this listing functionality
integrated with rpm itself; not doing so is sort of like having the
'tar' utility with the inability to list out a file's contents.. And
not having it integrated leads to problems like this..)

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