integrated listing mechanism with rpm, listing contents of rpm files.

Edward Peschko horos11 at
Fri Mar 19 00:00:27 UTC 2010


Looking further into it, I was wondering if rpm2cpio was somehow
returning back an encrypted file, not a straight cpio archive.

Is this possible? Unfortunately, on my system,

     rpm2cpio <cpiofile> >& /tmp/unrpmed_file


    file /tmp/unrpmed_file

returns back a file type of 'data', but all that could mean is that I
don't have the compression program used by rpm installed on my system.

So - what possible compression schemes could an rpm file use? And is
there indeed a bug with rpm2cpio where it doesn't return back an rpm
file, but a compressed version instead?

And finally, if I really need to roll my own listing/uncompression
program, what mechanism does rpm use internally to get at the files
internal to it? Ie: where is a good hook into the unpackaging process?

Thanks much,


On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Edward Peschko <horos11 at> wrote:
> All,
> I'm trying to get a list of files in some binary rpms without
> installing them, located at:

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