upgrade and install in the same transaction?

Scott Rohde srohde at gmail.com
Tue May 4 17:40:49 UTC 2010


We want to be able to install a large set of rpm's which may or may not have
dependency on each other.  We would like to be able to install them all in
one shot so that the dependency check and ordering can be done.  However,
some of the packages should be 'Upgraded' while others 'installed'.

I am not so familiar with rpm, but it looks like the CLI as it is won't
allow 'U' and 'i' on a per package basis in a single transaction.  Looking
at the rpm API seems to be no such restriction.

I'm willing to modify the rpm CLI to allow this use case, but if I do so I
would like to know the chances of getting such an enhancement merged into
the official release?  I can work with whoever is interested in defining the
command line interface (I'm thinking using a file format like: <full path to
package><delim><'i'|'U'|'e'><delim><any other package specific flags that
make sense>  Then just adding an option to the rpm CLI to take the file.

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